Rip Curl Pro 2013 – Peniche, Portugal…to go, or not to go?

We’ll obviously the answer is YES! And then reality sets in and I’ve got to take into consideration the whole monetary situation…I’m flying home to the states over Christmas (I wanted to squeeze in a trip to Edinburgh in November as well…), do I really have extra $$ to attend one of the biggest surf contests of the year? I’ve just updated my ad on a private English classes site hoping someone is willing to pay 15 euro an hour…or maybe I’ll give the freelance social media manager thing a try, I do love social media after all! Basically I’ve got to find a second job that I can do after I’m finished with my day job…


I’m especially excited about this trip because I’ll be able to bring our new puppy Pumba along. He’s a beach bum in training and I’ve found a couple of pet-friendly apartments to rent in Peniche for a great price. Plus they have fenced-in yards and patios that he’ll be able to play in. I’m kind of an expert at organizing cost-efficient trips, currently working on getting a fun group together for this EPIC adventure –ideally 6 people– to split gas and lodging. I’ve been hearing about this surf contest for years and I REALLY want to go! I’ll keep you updated on operation get rich/go to portugal…contemplating trying my luck with the Spanish lottery!

Could you really leave that face behind!?

It’s all for you Pumba!! <3

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