Pasarela Flamenca Jerez: Fashion show highlights and runway trends


I’m not sure who was more surprised…the flamenco fashion bloggers and press representatives who realized a guiri (i.e. foreigner) was in the press section of the biggest flamenco event of Jerez, or me, for being that guiri. 😉  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend several fashion shows at the Pasarela Flamenco Jerez this weekend—the gorgeous models with their voluminous volantes (ruffles) and eye-catching accessories were enough to make any flamenco lover squeal with delight!

Visiting La Tate Flamenco's stand—how beautiful are these vests?

Visiting La Tate Flamenco’s stand—how beautiful are these vests?

There were so many different looks presented on the runway, but I’ve selected my favorite ones from the three designers I saw; De Lunares y Volantes, Rocío Martín and La Tate Flamenco.

De Lunares y Volantes

Sexy is the first word that comes to mind as I review my photos from the De Lunares y Volantes fashion show. They say that Spanish women are their most beautiful when wearing a flamenco dress and it’s easy to see why; I loved the floral prints, long sleeves, and sexy silhouettes this designer showcased at the event. You’ll notice the presence of traditional flamenco elements, such as the lunares (polka dots) and the crown of flowers on each model’s head. I especially loved the incorporation of red, white and black in several of the dresses (my favourite color combo for flamenco dresses). I’m assuming the Colección Lágrimas Negras (Black Tears Collection) got its name from being beautiful enough to make men cry with desire and women with envy…the girls looks absolutely stunning in their dresses!

Rocío Martín

The most memorable elements of the Rocío Martín fashion show were the bold accessories and flowing, floral dresses. I also loved how she incorporated the classic Andaluz lunares patterns, but gave them a modern twist by running volantes across the body of the dresses to create a unique shape.


La Tate Flamenco

La Tate Flamenco brought something different to the runway. Inma Puicercús showcased one-of-a-kind dresses featuring a variety of textures and fabrics with flamenco-inspired flair. I absolutely loved her gorgeous chalequillos and vests—complete with hand-sewn embellishments and plenty of flecos (fringe). If you’re looking for a true statement piece for feria this year (or for your wardrobe in general) then look no further, La Tate Flamenco has it all.


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