The most beautiful apartment in Seville


So this is was my apartment when I lived in Seville. I found this rental off of (a popular home rental site in Spain) and spent a wonderful year and a half there! Now there’s another girl living there (so jealous) but I wanted to share these pictures as this is what a traditional Andalucian home looks like; big interior patio with surrounding rooms, marble floors, painted doorways, etc. My flat was recently renovated and was originally part of a bodega I believe…well at least it had a mini bodega-like storage area downstairs. The apartment is located in Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville’s oldest and most central neighborhood, if you’re planning to visit Seville I would definitely recommend finding a place in this area.

apartments seville

view from the top!

best apartments seville

the courtyard

best apartments in seville

best apartments in seville

apartments in seville santa cruz

apartments in seville santa cruz

apartments in seville santa cruz

sevilla rentas

living room/kitchen

rental apartments seville

rentals seville

I have a mini-bodega in my basement! Now I just need lots of wine 🙂

bedroom upstairs

flat for rent seville


best flat in seville

yes…that is a mini-foosball table!

Photos: Bailey Holbeck 


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  1. Hi Kate, I am a former Flagler student currently living in Germany and I was wondering if you ever rent your apartment out to travelers? I am trying to plan a quick, rather budgeted, trip to Spain-Portugal-possibly Morocco, from Dec 19-24 and I would really appreciate any advice you might have! I can also provide references from other people/places I have stayed if you would like. Thanks!

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