Where to eat in Sanlúcar de Barrameda: El Centro, Bajo de Guía, & Barrio Alto


I’ll be honest…one of the main reasons I wanted to move back to Sanlúcar de Barrameda from Seville is the food! As a coastal town Sanlúcar is the epitome of what the Mediterranean diet should be; light dishes, lots of olive oil, local veggies, low in red meat, homemade breads, and let’s not forget fresh seafood! Order fish at any of the establishments I’ve listed below and you’ll note how fresh the seafood is (with the smaller fish like Acedía if the fish is curled inward at the tail after it’s been fried that means it’s never been frozen – all fresh baby!). Below you’ll find a list of my favorite restaurants in the centro (city center), Bajo de Guía (beach and marina), and Barrio Alto (uptown)  and what I’d recommend ordering at each one.

P.S. Check out my latest post on more great restaurants in town!

El Centro

Casa Balbino

Balbino has a reputation far and wide for it’s amazing tapas, traditional décor, and serve-yourself approach to dining. In Spring/Summer it’s difficult to get a table outside but you might be able to grab a barrel or stand at one of the side tables inside. At this bar you need to go to the counter and tell the waiter what you want; he’ll keep a tab for you and bring the tapas to the counter as the come out of the kitchen, you’ll grab your tapas from him at the counter and bring them to your table. Any time you want to order something else or ask for the bill you need to remember who your waiter is – he’s the only one who’s got your tab!

Tapas are written on chalkboards behind the counter

Tapas are written on chalkboards behind the counter, jamón legs hanging from the ceiling, bull heads mounted on the wall…pretty sure it doesn’t get more “authentic” than this

From the top – down: ensaladilla rusa, solomillo con salsa de cerveza, gambas con berenjena frita, pimiento relleno, salmorejo

Favorite Tapas:

  • Pimiemto relleno – stuffed pepper
  • Choco frito – fried cuttlefish (similar to squid/calamari)
  • Tortilla de camarones – super famous! fried shrimp pancakes
  • Gambas con berenjena frita – fried shrimp wrapped in eggplant
  • Salmorejo – traditional cold tomato soup
  • Gazpacho – tomato/vegetable drink (hangover cure)
  • Pudin de atun – tuna pudding
  • Croquetas caseras – homemade croquettes

Address: Plaza de Cabildo, 14 Sanlucar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain


Barbiana has the best papas aliñas con melva in town! It’s a typical dish made with local potatoes, melva (fish that tastes like tuna), onions, olive oil, and parsley. This is the most famous dish of Barbiana but they also have good ensaladilla, croquetas, and choco frito too!

Papas aliñas!

Papas aliñas!

Address: Plaza de Cabildo, 2 Sanlucar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain

Bodegón de Lola

When the Plaza de Cabildo is too crowded and you want some delicious and cheap tapas head to Bodegón de Lola! The owner is actually the daughter of the family that owns Balbino so you get to enjoy some of the same tapas like tortilla de camarones! This place has great food, is full of locals, and offers great prices; bueno, bonito, y barato! Favorite tapas:

  • Caprichito de Lola
  • Crujiente de Lola
  • Pudin de cola de toro
  • Ensaladilla
  • Atun con salmorejo
  • Hamburguesa de Corvina
  • Patata rellena en salsa de tomate

Address: Calle San Miguel, 4 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain

Puerta de la Victoria

If you’re in the mood for tapas with a modern twist head to Puerta de la Victoria; you’ll find classic tapas like papas aliñas and choco frito but they also have new favorites like milhojas de foie and tartar de salmon con aguacate! Make sure to order the biscocho de chocolate; it’s a molten chocolate cake served with vanilla icecream!


yum…stole this pic from their Facebook page!

Favorite tapas:

  • Milhojas de foie
  • Croquetas de setas
  • Salmorejo
  • Aguacate relleno con gambas
  • Tartar de Salmon con aguacate
  • Any of the “barquillos”
  • Any of the desserts/postres!

Address: Calle de la Victoria, 7 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain

Casa Perico

Casa Perico never disappoints! You will find fresh seafood, large portions, and great prices! Definitely make sure to stop by during your stay in Sanlúcar!

My favorite dish – Marrajo a la plancha (grilled fish/shark) – it usually comes with fries or salad – but I ask for both! And request the “salsa verde” with it too (garlic sauce)

Favorite tapas:

  • Pez espada a la plancha
  • Marrajo a la plancha
  • Corvina a la plancha
  • Choco a la plancha
  • Any of the fried fish or seafood (choco, cazon, marrajo, puntillitas, etc.)
  • Gambas al ajillo

Address: Calle Salvador Gallardo, 27 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain

La Lobera

So La Lobera isn’t exactly in Bajo de Guía…it’s in between the center and the beach. La Lobera offers a fantastic selection of tapas that are sure to please every palate!

Champiñones “La Lobera (stuffed + fried mushrooms)” and sushi

mini tuna burger and mini buey burger

Favorite Dishes:

  • Mini hamburguesa de buey (mini buey burger)
  • Sushi
  • Tartar de atún (tuna tartar)
  • Rissotto de setas y gambas (mushroom + shrimp risotto)
  • Torre de Babel (I can’t explain it…just order it!)
  • Pulpo a la Gallega (best octopus I’ve ever had)

Address: Avenida de Cerro Falón, 32 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cadíz 11540

Bajo de Guía

Club Nautico

Club Nautico is the perfect place to eat lunch; make sure to get a table upstairs for a great view of Doñana and the beach below. The specialty at Club Nautico is seafood but the meats they offer are delicious as well. I highly recommend choosing any of the fresh fish they have in-house the day you visit. Last time I went we ordered Pargo al horna con pimientos which was absolutely amazing!


Fresh Pargo!

Pargo al horno con pimientos y patatas

Favorite Dishes:

  • Ensaladilla
  • Almejas a la marinera
  • Any of the meat dishes (solomillo, entrecot, etc.)
  • Corvina a la plancha
  • Dorada a la sal
  • Pargo al horno con pimientos

Address: Avenida de Bajo de Guia, 0 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain

Casa Bigote

I am not exaggerating when I say that Casa Bigote has the best seafood in Cadíz. You can choose between eating at the tapas bar or in the restaurant; if you want to eat in the restaurant you should try to make a reservation upstairs a couple of days in advance as upstairs is always full! The main difference between the tapas bar and the restaurant is the price; you’ll find cheaper dishes at the tapas bar but you’ll eat your meal standing at a barrel or the counter of the restaurant. Personally, I like eating at the tapas bar and don’t mind standing (it’s a good way to mingle with locals and check out all the decorations covering the walls of the bar). We usually go to the restaurant for special occasions, as it’s a more formal dining environment. Click here for more photos and recommendations at Casa Bigote (it’s so good it has it’s own post).

inside the tapas bar

Morrajo a la Vinigreta

Favorite dishes:

  • Morrajo a la vinagreta
  • Corvina en salsa tartara
  • Hamburguesas de Bacalao al queso
  • Carpaccio de gambas blancas
  • Atun mechado

Address: Calle Portico Bajoe de Guia, 10 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 11540 Cadiz, Spain

Barrio Alto

El Espejo Gastrobar

A very talented chef has finally taken over El Espejo Gastrobar and has returned it to it’s former glory! He’s just released a new menu with fantastic items to choose from; if you’re interested in trying a modern take on tapas then make sure to stop by Espejo! We always make a reservation on the weekends because the restaurant tends to be full during the summer months. The restaurant is located just a few blocks from Nuestra Señora de la O (famous church in Barrio Alto) and the Castillo de Santiago.

Espejo has a beautiful interior patio which is perfect for dining out in summer!

Bacalao (white flakey fish) with potato puree and black garlic

Salmorejo – traditional tomato soup served cold (very typical in summer)

Favorite dishes:

  • Croquetas de jamón y pollo (chicken/ham croquettes)
  • Bacalao confitado con patatas y ajo negro (white fish with potato puree and black garlic)
  • Hamburguesa de ternera con patatas (hamburger with potatoes)
  • Ravioli de carrillera ibérica con manzana asada (Beef ravioli  with grilled apples)
  • Coulant de choco crema de cacahuete y toffe con helado de caramelo (AMAZING!!!! Chocolate + peanut butter lava cake)

Address: Calle Caballeros 11 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cadiz 11540


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Thoughts on “Where to eat in Sanlúcar de Barrameda: El Centro, Bajo de Guía, & Barrio Alto

  1. ¿Hacedia? Do you mean ‘acedía”? Also, “choco” does not translate as squid, that would be “calamares,” but as cuttlefish—similar and yet very different.

  2. I really liked your post. It shows that you like to eat in Sanlucar !! I will recommend some places so you can go when you return: In the Barrio Alto (near Parroquia de la O) test in Los Caracoles, El Arquillo and El Conejo. In the first test snails (its name comes from that) when in season. In the other two, include fried fish and cold tapas, but the food is generally good and the tapas are great and cheap.
    Returning to the Barrio Bajo, near El Bodegón Lola is Currito. It is a new bar where you eat pretty well. We recommend the pincho moruno de atún, patatas arrieras y presa a la Pantoja.
    If you like traditional seafood dishes, I would recommend Taberna Santo Domingo, also in the center (next to the church of the same name). It is traditional food and a good price.
    One thing that has struck me is that no mention Bonanza. If you’ve never been, you stop not go because you’ll love it !! The freshest fish and the best price you can find. Also they tend to have traditional sanluqueños dishes. I like much La Campana and Puerta America (the latter has a living room that leads directly to the beach. You will never eat in a place with a better view !!). Finally, to eat good, nice and cheap fried fish, you can go to Peña Bética Carlos, in Callejon Guide. The downside is that it has become fashionable as it is small and should be reserved before.
    Another bar I’ve been told that is similar is The Triangle, in the Barrio San Diego. In both sites recommend the fried cuttlefish. But I must tell you that in The Triangle I have not been. I hope you like my recommendations !!

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  7. Great article Kate! I love bodegón Argueso in calle Mar, close to calle Ancha and La Campana in Bonanza, I know it’s not in the downtown of Sanlucar but the food there is delicious! Cheers!

  8. Reservation for 2 people Sunday evening 20..00…..23rd April 2017…could you confirm this booking please..email….

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