How to get from Spain to Morocco & 3 beautiful cities you need to see!


Did you know you can take a 30 – 40 minute ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco? If you’re visiting Southern Spain you might as well see Morocco too – it’s so close there’s no excuse not to go! I first traveled to Morocco with Discover Excursions  in 2012 (Tangier, Teuton, Chefchaouen), again in 2013 with my family (Tangier, Asilah), and most recently in December 2016 (Rabat, Meknes, Merzouga/Sahara Desert).

Quick tips for visiting Northern Morocco

  • Never drink the water! Don’t even eat fresh vegetables or fruit that have been cleaned with tap water. Remember to use bottled water when you brush your teeth too. If you drink the water in Morocco expect to have several emergency bathroom breaks during your trip – and keep in mind they don’t use toilet paper.
  • Speaking of toilets…bring tissues with you; in most restaurants and shops the bathrooms are a hole in the ground with a bucket of water
  • I’ve always visited Morocco in fall/winter and the weather was great; not too cold and not too hot – I’d recommend visiting during this time of year
  • Learn how to haggle in the market; merchants raise prices on items with the expectation that you’ll try to talk them down, so don’t be shy! I usually start off offering half price of what they’re asking and then we meet somewhere in the middle. Also if you’re purchasing more than one item ask them what kind of deal they can give you for buying more than one item (like at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul).
  • If you speak a language other than English use it at the market  – foreigners (especially Americans) are assumed to be easy targets for over-charging so they’ll try to give you the highest price possible
  • In most places you can pay with Euros and other currencies – you can usually find ATMs and currency exchange centers around the markets too
  • Women should dress modestly; foreign women aren’t required or expected to wear head coverings but it would be considered inappropriate to wear revealing clothing (short shorts, skirts, low-cut tops, etc.) by locals.

How to take a ferry from Spain to Morocco

From Sanlúcar the closest port cities with ferries to Morocco are Tarifa and Algeciras. I’ve crossed from Tangier twice and from Algeciras once (because the water was too turbulent in Tarifa). I’d recommend going from Tarifa if possible because the ferry from Algeciras takes to you Tanger-Med, which is located outside the city center. Luckily the ferry company organized a bus to bring us to the center of Tangier and from there we could walk to our hotel. We purchased our ferry tickets (the same day) at the port in Tarifa at the ticket kiosk inside; you can also reserve your tickets online ahead of time. Ticket prices are about €35 each way and leave every odd hour from 9am to 9pm. We just showed up, parked our car in the port’s parking lot, purchased our tickets, boarded the boat and crossed! Keep in mind you’ll need your passport and if you get seasick easily you may want to grab a spot by the railing on the boat’s deck!

We crossed to Morocco from Spain with FRS Ferry

3 Beautiful cities you need to see in Morocco


Tangier was my first Moroccan experience. Our hotel was conveniently located next to the port and was within walking distance of everything. If you’re able to visit Tangier with a guided group I would recommend it, but traveling with a partner or small group is also manageable. The locals we encountered were nice but are also very thrifty; if you’re haggling try to do it in another language (ex. I spoke Spanish with the shopkeepers) – if they know you’re American they’ll assume you’re an easy target for over-charging on items in the market! While you’re in Tangier be sure to check out the following sites:

  • Kasbah – the old fortress of the city and where the sultan used to live!
  • Medina (Old City) – a labyrinth of small streets, beautiful old doors/buildings, and interesting shops
  • Markets – you’ll find spice markets and curious little shops with cute trinkets in the medina (also beautiful Moroccan tea sets!)
  • Drink mint tea (Moroccan Tea) at Cafe Hafa – Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles and more have done the very same thing! 🙂
  • There are some cool places to see just outside of Tangier, read my recommendations on Asilah below for more info

The Intercontinental Hotel: right by the port in Tangier and within walking distance to the main attractions of the city

Inside the hotel

Mint Tea at Cafe Hafa

Cafe Hafa

Enjoy the view while you drink your tea 😉

Spice market in the Medina

Loved the doors in this city!



When I went with my family to Morocco we decided to take a taxi from Tangier for a day trip to Asilah. The taxi driver only charged us 40 Euros for the hour drive to Asilah and back (he also waited for us in Asilah while we explored the town)! If you want to make this trip be sure to discuss the price with the taxi driver before you leave. On the way to Asilah we also stopped by the Cave of Hercules, Cap Spartel and rode some camels (the taxi driver clearly knew the camel guys so he probably got a cut of what we paid – but it was a cool experiences nonetheless). Legend says Hercules slept in “The Cave of Hercules” before his 11th labour, which was to get golden apples from the Hesperides Garden. Cap Spartel is the most North Western point of mainland Africa and marks the boundary where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

We stopped on the side of the road on the way to Asilah to ride camels!

Cap Spartel

Entrance to the Cave of Hercules

Cute cafe at the caves!

Town of Asilah

Shoe shopping and negotiating prices


I went on a guided tour the first time I traveled to Morocco; one of the stops on this tour was the beautiful city of Chefchaouen (about a 2 hour drive from Tangier). Chaouen is a famous Moroccan town because all the buildings are painted bright blue (no one knows the real reason why – best reason I heard was because mosquitos don’t like blue). We drank tea at a charming teahouse in the center, purchased some gorgeous hand-woven blankets, beautiful silver jewelry and I paid a local women to draw a traditional henna tattoo on my hand. It was definitely a city of firsts and fun memories and I would definitely recommend adding it to your list of stops in Morocco!

Everything is blue and beautiful!

Loved shopping at the markets here

more mint tea

A typical “touristy” thing to do but I loved it 😉

Thoughts on “How to get from Spain to Morocco & 3 beautiful cities you need to see!

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  3. Kate,

    How did you negotiate with the taxi driver? Did you speak Spanish to him? Any tips you can give me would be great!
    Thank you!


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  5. 1. What the hell??? Moroccan water is 100% fine clearly you must have a weak stomach if you can’t handle it
    2. We do use toilet paper, don’t come here and start writing stuff making it seem like we are a country of savages
    3. Most shops and restaurants in morocco have regular flushing toilets so please get your facts straight!

    • Hey Lily, not meaning to offend – I love visiting Morocco and have been at least 3 or 4 times in the last few years. This post explains what I’ve personally seen/experienced, and these are my recommendations for travelers.

      If you’re not from Morocco and you drink the water you can get sick. My husband has gotten sick, his father, other friends as well that have traveled through Morocco…my friend organizes excursions to the Sahara and says at least one person gets sick every trip. There’s nothing worse than traveling to an awesome country and having to stay glued to a toilet with explosive diarrhea. So my recommendation to foreigners is to not drink the water.

      In Marrakesh, Tangier and Teuton the bathrooms I saw in local tea houses, gas stations, etc were this style. I know there are “regular” toilets as well, but people should be prepared just in case.

        • I think the tea is fine – since the water is boiled (I was fine after drinking it). Also eating cooked vegetables is fine, it’s just the raw ones/salad that could cause issues. The last trip I went on was with a group of 50 people, everyone ate the same meals (including salad) and only 2 – 3 people got sick. I think it just depends on the person. I personally have a weak stomach so I don’t chance it!

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  7. Hi Kate! I wanted to travel to Morocco for such long a time. Do you recommend going on a guided tour? And did you have a guide for the entire trip to Morocco or were there times you explored on your own? Thank you!

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