More than Traditional Tapas: 7 New Restaurants to try in Sanlúcar de Barrameda

more than traditional tapas in sanlucar de barmaid

Sanlúcar de Barrameda is known throughout Andalucía for its delicious seafood and locally grown ingredients (can you say papas de arena?). If you find yourself craving something a little different however, there are some new “modern” restaurants popping up around town. You’ll get to enjoy a newtwist on traditional tapas as well as a fusion of Spanish and foreign cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, Bigote and Balbino will always have a special place in my stomach, but there is much to be said about the new generations of Sanluqueñan chefs! Below is a list (in no particular order) of my favorite “modern” restaurants you should try next time you’re in Sanlúcar.

Taberna Argüeso

In 2015 Taberna Argüeso expanded their restaurant to include a sushi bar! Not only is the sushi fantastic, but you’ll also find unique specials each week and a menu full of exciting and delectable options. The menu also includes traditional tapas so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. I don’t have any specific dishes to recommend… because every time I try a new one it becomes my new favorite. 😉 Keep in mindArgüeso is usually packed in summer and on weekends; this past August for example, you had to call a whole week in advancedjust to reserve a table! Always make a reservation just to be safe.

Calle Mar, 2
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone:(+34) 956 36 07 87

Buey Burger (Photos via Taberna Argüeso’s Facebook Page)

Bittersweet Apple Mousse, cake crumble and Pedro Ximénez (Photos via Taberna Argüeso’s Facebook Page)

Photos via Taberna Argüeso’s Facebook Page

El Espejo Gastrobar

Chef Jose Luis Tallafigo of El EspejoGastrobar has created a diverse menuthat delights locals and tourists alike. If you’ve got a sweet toothyou need to try the molten chocolate cakewith peanut butter mousse and caramel ice-cream (my mouth is watering as I write this). In summer El Espejo is always packed, so make a reservation ahead of time; if the weather is good ask tosit in the interior patio!

Calle Caballeros,11
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone:(+34) 651 14 16 50

Octopus, mashed tubers and pepper emulsion(photo via El Espejo’s Facebook Page)

Mango soup, mint cake and meringue de flore (photo via El Espejo’s Facebook Page)

Chocolate molten cake with peanut butter mousse and caramel ice-cream <3 (photo via El Espejo’s Facebook Page)

Interior patio (photo via El Espejo’s Facebook Page)

Restaurante Cargadores de Indias

The new chef atRestaurante Cargadores de Indiasis great!I loved the variety of culinary options on the new menu andthe curious textures incorporatedinto each dish””also the prices are unbeatable.My favorite dishes (so far) are the iberic bao, the croquettes and the “orange” and “pink” desserts. I’m looking forward to visiting again and discoveringnewfavorites. 😉

Plaza Quinto Centenario
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone:(+34) 956 385 100

Check out the giant “vasijas”in the floor of the dining room – there’s a lot of history within these walls!

Iberic bao with barbecue sauce – my fav! (photos via Cargadores’ Facebook page)

Delicious croquettes! (photos via Cargadores’ Facebook page

A variety of texturesmade my “pink” dessert not only delicious, but fun to eat too! 😉

La Lobera

La Lobera is undoubtedly a local favorite; they offer hearty portions and a variety of delicious dishes and tapas to choose from! Most of the dishes at this restaurant incorporate a traditional Andalucían food item that is enhanced with a modern flare. If you’re craving quality meat this is the place to go, they’ve also got top grade tuna too!

Av. del Cerro Falón, 32
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone: (+34)956 38 91 47

Photo via La Lobera’s Facebook Page

Photo via La Lobera’s Facebook Page

One of my favorites! (Photo via La Lobera’s Facebook Page)


La Trascuesta

La Trascuesta is a great option if you’re craving Asian inspired cuisine! Apart from tons of sushi they’ve also got delicious salmon and tuna tapas, noodles, and my all-time favorite seaweed salad with prawns. This restaurant is a 2-minute walk from the main plaza and provides a nice ambience with its rustic décor, low lighting and jazz music playing in the background.

Calle Trascuesta, 12
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone: (+34) 600 08 67 85

Photo via La Trascuesta’s Facebook page

Noodles! (Photovia La Trascuesta’s Facebook page)

Almadraba Tuna Tataki (Photovia La Trascuesta’s Facebook page)

Seaweed and prawn salad, my favorite! (Photo via La Trascuesta’s Facebook page)

Doña Calma Gastrobar

Doña Calma Gastrobarjust opened up this summer and it is fantastic! If you’re in the mood for seafood this is a great spot to enjoy tapas with a view. Order anything with tuna (it’s super fresh) and you’ve got to try the avocado salad and ensaladilla de pulpo. If you’re planning to eat here on a weekend you should show up by 9:30pm or reserve a table ahead of time; the night we went almost all of the tables were reserved!

CalleMiguel Pérez Leal
Paseo Marítimo Edificio Los Infantes
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone: (+34) 697 64 73 38

The avacado salad is fantastic!

Fresh tuna…nom nom nom

DeBoka Comida Urbana

We go to DeBoka when we’re in the mood for something different! The menu here is inspired by a variety of countries like Greece, U.S.A., Mexico, Italy and Turkey. The portions at DeBokaare usually large and the prices are great; my favorite dish is the baked provolone with fried toast (not so healthy, but so delicious) and the mini-burgers. If you want to escape the crowds in the center this can be a good option!

Calle Goleta, s/n,
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
Phone: (+34) 956 38 09 55

You can choose between indoor and outdoor seating (Photo via DeBoka’s Facebook Page)

Great burgers! (Photo via DeBoka’s Facebook Page)

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