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Please keep in mind drinking champagne before lunch and staying in nice hotels are things I consider fun at this point in my life…if you’re looking for information about the main attractions of the city check out my post “4 Fantastic attractions to see when you visit Seville” for traditional traveler activities. Seville is undoubtedly my favorite city in Spain (apart from Sanlúcar de Barrameda of course!)—read on for some different activities to try during your visit to the Capital of the South! <3

Treat yourself to a few nights at Hotel EME

Hotel EME is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Seville. It has a hip lounge on the rooftop that overlooks the cathedral as well as several upscale restaurants and swanky bars. Since my first visit to Seville in 2011 I have wanted to stay at Hotel EME, and for my birthday this year Javi decided to surprise me! When we arrived at the hotel we were given champagne at check-in and were encantados from that moment on. We had a wonderful experience and I hope we can go back soon (our next anniversary *hint hint* Javi)!

You get champagne at check-in 🙂

What a view! (Photo via emecatedralhotel.blogspot.com)

If you need to stay in a more budget friendly hotel or hostel look for someplace in Barrio Santa Cruz, near La Encarnación or Alfalfa. Even if you aren’t staying at Hotel EME you can still go to the rooftop bar (or the rooftop bar at Hotel Doña Maria next door) for an afternoon beer or evening cocktail and enjoy a gorgeous view of the cathedral!

Baños Arabes – Arab Baths of Seville

We had a fantastic experience at Aire de Seville! Our friends gave us a session at the baths as a wedding gift; they included champagne and chocolate in the gift package and Javi and I decided to add on a 30 minutes massage while we were there. If the champagne and massage weren’t enough we got to enjoy live flamenco music from the comfort of the thermal pool. It’s impossible not to relax with the soothing waters, candles and tranquil ambiance – packages start at 31€ so if you’re looking to treat yourself this is a great way to do it!

It really is as amazing as it looks! (photo via andalucia.org)

Relaxation room – where we got to enjoy champagne and chocolates (photo via andalucia.org)

If you’re looking to go all out at the arab baths check out the Wine Bath Experience. I’ve been to the baths several times in Seville, Granada and Jerez and this was by far one of the most relaxing experiences we’ve had to date. You literally get to drink wine while taking a bath in wine, not to mention receiving massages on your head, face and body…and then you get to enjoy one of the best rooftop views of the city from the comfort of a large hot tub…and you get more wine. 😉 Pro tip: try to reserve your experience in the afternoon so you can watch the sunset from the rooftop.

Shopping on Calle Sierpes & 1.50€ beers in Plaza del Salvador

No trip to Seville is complete without a shopping session on Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuán. This is the main commercial hub of the city and you’ll find a wide variety of shops in and around this area. When you’re tired of trying on clothes grab a 1.50€ beer at Plaza del Salvador (conveniently located on the next block); in the plaza you can observe the hustle and bustle of the city, get cheap beer and tapas, and take in your beautiful surroundings.

Grab a beer in Plaza del Salvador after shopping in the center! (Photo via tripeala.com

Champagne &  horse carriages

When you’re in Seville you’ll notice horse carriages all over the city…this is something I thought only tourists did until our local friend suggested we buy some drinks and ride in one. It never occurred to me that I could drink champagne while riding in a carriage and enjoying views of the city’s attractions. Fantastic idea! As we rode along the street giggling and sipping on bubbly I felt like the smartest guiri in town…and I was probably the drunkest guiri in Seville before 2pm, but the experience was worth the hangover! All horse carriages have set pricing (about 45€ for 40 minutes and €60 for an hour) and drivers should have a paper with prices for you to check.

A horse carriage and champagne are the makings of a perfect afternoon!

Riding around Plaza de España

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