5 Fantastic restaurants you have to try in Seville

We escape to Seville every chance we get. Not only for the great shopping, gorgeous scenery, fun bars and inspiring attractions…it’s also home to some of our favorite restaurants in Spain!

Seville’s culinary scene offers everything from traditional tapas to creative dishes and flavors you’ve never experienced before! In this post I’ll cover some of the city’s most popular restaurants—the ones our local friends said we had to try before returning home to Sanlúcar at the weekend’s end. There are still a few venues on my “to-try” list…so hopefully I’ll get to those on our next weekend getaway to the city. Please note these restaurants are a step up from your typical tapas bars so expect to pay something around €20 to €40 per person (including wine and dessert).

El Traga

I can say without a doubt El Traga has been one of our best dining experiences in Spain. We loved the food and atmosphere of this little restaurant—and the service was absolutely amazing. You should ask the staff to select your dishes and wine (like we did)—you will not be disappointed! The dishes were beautifully presented and each time a server brought a new dish they made sure to explain the ingredients and preparation method. If you want to try El Traga for yourself you should definitely make a reservation; this place is always packed and usually all tables get reserved on the weekends.

Calle Águilas, 6

The perfect way to end a perfect weekend 😊The food and service at @eltragasevilla is amazing! #sevilla

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Calamar de potera ,guacamole y concassé de tomate.

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El Traga Un concepto Gastronómico ! We aré Ready for you Aré you Ready ?

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We heard a lot of buzz about Tradevo from various groups of friends in Seville. After the success of their first restaurant, Tradevo Gastrotaberna, the owners opened two more locations in the city. We had a beautiful meal at Tradevo Centro with family and friends and it’s conveniently located just a few blocks from the cathedral. You’ll find most (if not all) of the ingredients are fresh and sourced locally, and the presentation of each dish is sensational.

1) Tradevo Gastrotaberna – Plaza Pintor Amalio García del Moral, 2
2) Tradevo de Mar – Calle Juan de Mata Carriazo, 6
3) Tradevo Centro – Cuesta del Rosario, 15


Sardina marinada – image source: www.tradevo.es

Huevo de oro (golden egg) – photo source: tradevo.es

La Azotea

La Azotea (on Calle Jesús de Gran Poder) has always been one of our favorite restaurants in the city. When I lived on the Alameda in 2012/2013 this was usually my top choice for date nights. 😉 The first Azotea restaurant opened in 2010 and since then they’ve opened 3 more locations in Seville. Their dishes are fresh, beautiful and fairly priced. Check out their website for more info on each restaurant—keep in mind not all locations offer tapas-sized portions. They only accept reservations for lunch Mondays through Fridays so you might need to show up early to see if you can get a table for dinner.

1) Calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 31
2) Calle Zaragoza, 5
3) Calle Mateos Gago, 8
4) Calle Conde de Barajas, 12

photo source – laazoteasevilla.com

photo source – laazoteasevilla.com

Torres y Garcia

Torres y Garcia is a vibrant new restaurant in the center of the city. Its “rustic kitchen” features a mix of Italian classics like pizzas as well as Spanish style tapas with a modern twist. Apart from the fantastic food, this place is a local favorite for its ambiance and decor. Torres y Garcia is always busy so try to make a reservation ahead of time.

Calle Harinas, 2

“Imperial Room” – photo source: torresygarcia.es

“The patio” – photo source: torresygarcia.es

Thank you for all the birthday wishes 🎂muchas gracias por todas las felicitaciones!

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Perro Chiko

Before I say anything else, you’ve got to try the “Torrijas” at Perro Chiko…they are the best torrijas (traditional Easter dessert) I’ve eaten in my entire life. The restaurant is located just behind the giant “seta” in Plaza de la Encarnación so you’ll have great views of one of Seville’s newest attractions. Perro Chiko offers delicious tapas and platters for sharing and I’ve heard their breakfast menu is not to be missed! Perro Viejo is another restaurant in Seville founded by the same owners—you can get torrijas there too and it also has cool decor and great food. 😉

Calle Regina, 2 (Plaza de Encarnación, 8)

If I could guess what heaven tastes like…#torrijas #omgyum #dessertporn 🎂😋

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They have outdoor seating when the weather is nice – enjoy a great view of the “seta” (photo source)

photo source



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